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         My name is John Gormley. I was born and raised in Parkertown, NJ, just
two houses from Jay C. Parker’s home. Jay passed away when I was one year
old. I became great friends with Jay’s family, namely his son and daughter-in-
law, Weldon and Irene Parker and his daughter and son-in-law, Alice and
Richard Cleveland.
         I started collecting decoys over 30 years ago. I enjoy the experience of
learning about the carvers, history and heritage of the decoys and the hunters
that used them. I am a long time member of the NJ Decoy Collectors Association.
Over the years my collecting habits changed and I have taken an interest
in collecting Jay C. Parker’s carvings. In the early 1990’s, I purchased my first
carvings of Jay’s; a pair of full size Flamingos from his son-in-law’s estate sale.
        I am interested in anything carved or made by Jay C Parker. He carved
his name in the bottom of decoys several different ways: Jay C Parker, Jay
Parker or JCP. Sometimes Parkertown or the year is also on the bottom. A lot of
his early carvings are not identified other that with his unique simple style.
These carvings were made for hunting.
         His later decoys were made as folk art and were more for displaying on
shelves and mantels, I have included many pictures on this site to show the
different styles and kinds of carvings Jay created.

 If you are interested in selling a decoy or carving that Jay made or would
like to have your items identified, please email me using the form below.
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Named Carved on Bottom of Decoy
Drake Wood Duck
1950's Full Size Pheasant Original Paint
Yellow Leg Shore Bird