Jay C. Parker Decoys
1882 - 1967
         Jay C. Parker was born, raised and lived his whole life in Parkertown,
New Jersey. Jay was a true Jersey Shore Bayman making a living from the bay’s
         He was captain of several schooners sailing the Eastern seaboard from
Maine to Florida. Jay was a licensed captain sailing fishing parties from
Parkertown Dock aboard the Evelyn. Clamming, oystering and being a duck
hunting guide rounded out his life on the bay.
         Jay also worked at the famous Engleside Hotel in Beach Haven N.J. on
Long Beach Island where he was a cook, buyer of shellfish and fish from other
local Baymen. He was Beach Haven’s first lifeguard.
         He built Garvey’s and Sneak Boxes made from Jersey cedar for many of
the areas Baymen. Early on, he made decoys for his own use.
         In the 1940’s Jay started to make decoys for sale. His front porch served
as a great place to showcase his carvings since it was located on Rt. 9. Many
would stop by to purchase his creations.
         As time passed, Jay made all types of decoys from ducks and geese to
shorebirds. He also carved game birds, birds of prey, chickens, roosters, fish
and model boats. His style ranged from full size to miniature, flying to feeders,
and sleepers to preeners.
Pencil Sketch
of Jay C. Parker
by his nephew
Burrel Adams
of Tuckerton, NJ
in 1970